about our company

who we are

Moonwater provides a comprehensive range of financial, accounting and consulting services designed to meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Our commitment to service and advice requires that we apply our expertise and clearly understand client needs. In this way we’re able to provide solutions to challenges our clients face and help them move their businesses forward.
Moonwater was established with the view of providing:

  • professional financial, accounting and consulting services to the SME market
  • training, coaching, mentoring and support to accountants and SME management and owners

why choose us

The core value to our clients is that the emphasis of our services is on the financial management of our clients’ businesses as opposed to keeping accounts and tax up to date. Our clients deal with us as a business partner and engage on an ongoing basis on various matters to seek more information, have a soundboard or to get another view.

We invest heavily upfront in new clients, by bringing all affairs up to date, objectively evaluating the status of records and compliance, and the implementation of corrections actions as required. Understanding the operational side of the business is important to provide relevant and practical solutions. We also make recommendations on areas for improvement.

We care about our clients’ businesses the same as we do about our own. If our clients are successful, we are successful.

Clients’ accounts and taxes are kept up to date at all times – no rush jobs the afternoon of the deadline.

We cross-refer our clients and vendors to help them grow their businesses.

We are passionate about making every engagement with us a positive one and to make a positive contribution to every client and business.

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