accounting, payroll & tax


We have various models for monthly accounting which varies from us doing everything to overseeing work prepared by the client with us supporting only as and when required.

Monthly accounting includes

  • debtors age analysis
  • creditors age analysis (reconciled to the suppliers’ statements)
  • stock list and ageing
  • cashbook reconciled to the bank statement
  • fixed asset register and depreciation
  • payroll accounting
  • any other accounting required
  • management accounts to translate the financial results into usable information for the business
  • regular discussions on the accounts with clients

financial statements

Financial statements are prepared in accordance with accounting standards, statutory requirements and industry practices. A full set of workings papers is prepared as part of the financial statements.

We work with the business resources and the auditors throughout the preparation process to meet all the requirements.

income tax

Income tax services cover

  • the registration for income tax with SARS and efiling
  • provisional and final income tax calculations and returns
  • dealing with SARS correspondence, verifications, audits and objections
  • tax planning and general tax advice

vat and diesel concessions

    • VAT and diesel registrations and deregistrations
    • Calculation of VAT and diesel concessions, submission of returns and dealing with SARS correspondence, verifications and audits
    • General advice on VAT
    • Setup of systems, processes and guidelines to account for VAT accurately in the accounting system
    • Reconciliation of turnover and purchases with VAT results


    • Registration with SARS and Department of Labour
    • Setup of payroll
    • Monthly payroll and reports
    • Payslips emailed to employer or employees
    • Monthly EMP201 and UIF returns
    • EMP501, IRPs and payroll reconciliation
    • COIDA returns annually
    • Leave records
    • Retrenchments package calculations
    • Application for directives

    company secretarial

    • Registration of new companies
    • Conversion of a CC to a company
    • Re-registration of deregistered companies
    • Submission of annual returns and payment of annual fees
    • Changes to addresses, directors, members, secretaries and auditors
    • Name reservations and changes for companies and CC’s
    • Change of financial year-end
    • Deregistration and liquidation of companies
    • Obtain new and lost company or CC documents
    • Establishing and management of trusts (all secretarial services)
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