Moonwater helps clients to unlock their vision.

With our understanding and experience of multiple industries, systems and operations, clients are prepared to manage their businesses on a solid platform right from the start.
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Start a business

Business plan development and model

A business model is a company’s plan to generate revenues and make a profit. It explains what products or services the business plans to manufacture and market, and how it plans to do so, including what expenses it will incur.

Business models are important for both new and established businesses. A business model determines the financial viability of a business concept. It helps new, developing companies to attract investment, recruit talent, and motivate management and staff.

Our team guide you through the thought process of your new venture to formulate a business plan and translate it into financial model which can also be used to raise funding.

Company and name registration

We reserve a name and register your company with directors in no time. Directors have responsibilities in terms of the Companies Act and we guide directors through these requirements.

Registering a new company is a new beginning for most people. There is uncertainty and new learnings and we are with you all the way.

Register taxes - Income tax, PAYE, VAT

An income tax reference number is issued on registration of the company, but PAYE registration is required later with the payment of the first salary. Registration with the Department of Labour is also required.

VAT registration is done when the required revenue levels are reached for either a voluntary or compulsory registration. Most VAT registrations are done successfully online, but if it fails, we pull it through with a meeting with SARS.

Setup accounting system, procedures and controls

Choosing the best fit accounting solution is important as it is a key structure in the business. It serves to invoice customers, collect debt, track liabilities, manage cash, calculate taxes, etc.

Each business has it own unique needs from an operations and cost point of view. Choosing the a low cost solution could cost you more due to manual work required to compensate for gaps in the functionality and also cause high levels of frustration.

The client decides on the system, but we equip them with the pro’s and con’s to make the best choice to match their needs and budget.

Setup payroll

Once the first employee has been appointed and the registrations with SARS and the Department of Labour are done, the payroll system has to be set up with the company and employee details. This will allow for the monthly payroll, payslips, etc.

Our payroll solution, Sage, is cloud-based and certified by SARS. It is the most cost effective payroll software for company’s as you pay as the company’s workforce grow.

Design reports to track performance

Management and entrepreneurs are the decisionmakers in the business. The more equipped they are with relevant information, the better decisions can be made.

The drivers of each business performance is different and therefore the management information will be business specific.

We identify the drivers and information which requires monitoring and draft reports which represent the information in a simple format. Discussion of these reports with management to deepen the understanding, trouble shooting, sound boarding and share ideas is often the best spend our of the month.

Grow and develop

Analysis of business performance and recommendation to improve and implementation thereof

Business analysis is the process of conducting research and gathering information needed to help organizations determine ways to solve problems and improve operations.

Financial modelling is one of the tools used to translate scenarios into financial results and provides for sensitivity and what-if analysis.

We helped clients make decisions about price increases, margins, product discontinuation, new products or services, acquisition of assets and sale of businesses. Our team is ready to assist.

Improvements and upgrading of systems, procedures and controls

Businesses grow, develop and change over time. Most systems, processes and controls have some, but not unlimited capacity for increased volume and changes. Processes which worked for three employees will not be effective for twenty or fifty employees.

When it is time to spring clean we guide you in retaining where it makes sense and to renew where justifiable or necessary. We look at unutilised functionality in the current systems, ineffective processes, etc. to minimise the cost of freshening up.

Documenting of new procedures provides a point of reference for employees to be trained and comply, is a back-up when a key staff member is not there, source of information for management to review and source for auditors. We strongly recommend this.


Outsourcing in contracting a third-party to perform a function which is part of the business’ operation. It is a great solution when a company doesn’t have the skills inhouse, acquiring the skills inhouse is to costly, the capacity required to perform the function doesn’t require a full-time resource or management prefer the function to be overseen by an expert.

Some of the biggest accounting ‘clean-ups’ we did was as result of a very eager incompetent resource. They stuff things up very quickly and are totally oblivious to the damage they cause. It costs a lot more to fix it than outsourcing to a competent resource.

Contact one of our experienced consultants – it might save you a bug in the long run.

Training, coaching and team building

A chain is as strong as the weakest link. We train to strengthen the links.

Our coaching help individuals perform at best in their roles and adapt to the environment and circumstances they operate in. In a world where stress is the new cancer, coaching is an important aspect to support a mentally healthy workforce.

Working from home and different cultures in the same team are only some of the contributors which could cause misunderstanding and misalignment of team members.

Improve the cohesion and productivity of your team with one of our team building sessions.

Strategy interventions

Business is not doing good and nothing seems to work the way it used to. Fear and uncertainty is in the air.

Sign up for a strategic intervention to objectively unpack and redirect the business. It is easier to go through the session where tough decision and introspection are required with our consultants and their toolkit.

Skills Audit

A skills audit identifies weaknesses which can’t be fixed, weakness which can be fixed and it discover those hidden diamonds.

A company is as good as it people and investing in a comprehensive skills audit gives a fresh perspective on resources and the opportunity to develop them for the benefit of themselves and the company.

Change and talent management

The first time we came across change, we thought it was a once in a lifetime event. Today we know that change is like breathing. We need to face new and different things every day of our lives. Not everyone is equipped to deal with such an amount of change or manage people we are fearful of change. Call for help – we can smooth the transition.

Leadership Development

In a country with a shortage of leaders, no one can say no to the development of those gems in their business to become leaders. Leadership is a journey that evolves from effectively managing yourself into leading and serving other with respect and credibility. Let we take your gems on that journey.

Agricultural Management

Agri business is no longer what is used to be and it is done differently. We put together an agricultural management program on how to run farms nowadays.

This program will benefits farm managers, owners and accountants with such clients.

Maintain and comply

Annual returns and updates of CIPC information

Annual returns with declarations or financial statements are submitted annually to CIPC. Being the one thing that will be forgotten, let us handle it on your behalf.

We also do change of directors, address, company secretary and other changes to keep the business’ information up to date with CIPC.

Tax returns

Tax returns not submitted on time result in penalties and interest which are not value-adding or tax deductible. We therefore work with our clients to ensure that SARS don’t knock on their doors for non-compliance.

We keep our noses clean from a tax point of view, but we do advise clients on the use of tax benefits in terms of the Act.

More specialised matters re disputes and objections with SARS are referred to one of the tax lawyer firms we work with. The decision re referral is done in consultation with the client, as lawyers are less shy to charge.

Monitor system, controls, financial reports and KPI's together with business

Management can’t get to everything all the time and the thing you don’t control will go out of line.

Offering this service we work with management to identify the critical business aspects that requires the red flag to be raised or a level of awareness.

A set of controls, reports and KPIs are developed which are updated at regular intervals to monitor the performance of the key aspects in the business. We join you in reviewing these to optimise the observation and insight.

Accounting, VAT and payroll

These are the routine mundane functions, but as critical as breathing. If it falls, it can bring the business down. Using a self-trained accountant referred by friend? Not recommended.

For peace of mind use our experienced accountants who are mentored by Chartered accountants with a glowing reference from other clients.

Cash flow and working capital management

Cash is King! Yes indeed. If a transaction doesn’t bring more cash in than the cost of it, the business is losing money.

Lets look at the cash generated and the cash cycles of the business to understand how it can be managed differently or improved. The balance in the bank is not going to tell you this.

A key element of cash is what channels through the working capital cycle. What does it cost to hold stock for 60 days? What does it cost to allow customers to miss payment terms? We advice on this daily and have great value to add.

Financial statements

Discussing monthly results is inspecting last month and look at next month. Reviewing the financial statements tell us on a higher, more formal level how the business performed and the directors approve at the AGM the results that the banker, financier or investor will see.

Financial statements are done in terms of the relevant reporting requirements e.g. IFRS and must be a true reflection of the activities and financial results thereof. We turn financial statements over in a minimum time meeting all the requirements.

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