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Moonwater’s unique work environment

Since inception, Moonwater was structured towards remote working and flexible working hours. All systems are cloud-based and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Our team is engaged per client assignment and choose the number of assignments it wants to sign up for. Some team members work on one client, whereas others could work on ten clients.

Other than assignments where work is done according to a client’s working day, our team can do the work at any time convenient for them.

Performance is based only on the deliverable and team members manage themselves to meet the goals.

Our environment is ideal for women who can’t work full time, but still enjoy the stimulation and social contact a work environment offers.

What will you learn at Moonwater

How to adapt to a client’s work environment and culture whilst maintaining standards and principles

How to support a client’s goals, deadlines, initiatives, etc.

How to add value to a client by understanding its performance drivers

How to measurance performance by evaluating results as opposed to following the process

How to join the Moonwater team

Send your CV with a covering email/letter to info@moonwater.co.za

You can also apply for a specific role where we need a resource with specific skills in a specific area

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