Mistakes are expensive

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Understand your business

We are often so busy that we don’t realise how we spend our time and the cost thereof.

In my early days as entrepreneur, I wanted to ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience in doing business with Moonwater.  As part of that and our quality control procedures I personally reviewed all work before sending it to a client. 

I started correcting staff mistakes and oversights to meet deadlines.  After a few months of doing so, I recorded the time I spent per clerk on reviewing and correcting mistakes.  Probably not so surprising, but I spent more time, for which clients obviously didn’t pay, correcting negligent staff’s work than the fee agreed with the client.

The problem was simple and so the solution; I only had to become aware of quantum it.

We often get so caught up in a situation and are so hooked up on what we want to achieve that we miss what is really going on.  I was fortunate to see myself how I got drawn into a situation as result of focussing on customer experience and was doing it at all costs.

If you feel ‘I don’t know what I’m doing wrong’, talk to us.

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