specialised services

accounting challenges

  • Year-end assistance with preparation of information and working papers for audit
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements fully supported by working papers and calculations, also multi-currency
  • Preparation for due diligence by cleaning up issues in advance
  • When things had gone south, our team will step in, unpack it, restore it and implement processes and controls to prevent a repeat thereof
  • Quantify fraud losses with supporting calculations and stabilise operations after the fraud


Outsourcing has the following potential benefits

  • access to skills not available inhouse
  • cost and time efficient in saving on hiring, office space, etc.
  • free up time to focus on clients, sales, etc.
  • complement or manage inhouse resources

Examples of outsource models

  • full outsource – the entire finance function is outsourced
  • partial outsource – the outsource partner works in collaboration with internal staff
  • limited outsource -the outsourcing of specific areas e.g. only the cost accounting function or payroll
  • temporary outsourcing – filling in during a temporary vacancy, e.g. maternity leave
  • project outsourcing – outsourcing of specific projects or tasks e.g. a business model, a budget model, year-end preparation
  • managerial outsourcing – secure managerial oversight and guidance from outsource partner at agreed intervals, e.g. two days a month


  • Registration of name, company, taxes
  • Setup of processes and administration for new businesses
  • Assistance with staffing and interim assistance where full time resources aren’t justifiable
  • Settling in and overseeing accounting staff where management doesn’t have the skill or time
  • Recommendations on measures to be implemented
  • Ongoing adhoc support during the start-up phase of the new business

law practice management

Our team knows the legal industry

  • trust accounts
  • time recording and billing
  • disbursements
  • fee earners, clients, practice area and project profitability
  • customers demanding lower prices

subsidiaries/branches of international groups

  • general assistance to foreign entities investing in South Africa
  • full accounting and administative services
  • any of our outsourcing models
  • full setup support on starting a new business in SA
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